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Wildlife-inspired Installation for El Paso, TX 

Producer Cliff Warner / MyCoToo Inc.

Sun City Lights project in El Paso, TX consists of multiple sculpture-and-light installations currently being developed by different artists at various points of the city. 

Among my proposals that were accepted for SCL is a Wildlife series: The Hueco Cougar and The Mesquite (both shown here), and The Prickly Pear.


These installations are inspired by the native plant and animal species of the desert surrounding El Paso, and by the unique geological rock formation found in the nearby Huecos.

Each of the sculptures celebrates life and nourishment found in even the most barren deserts. The pavement pattern surrounding all of the three sculptures reflects the Huecos' tanks geological rock formations collecting the life-giving water.


The installations drastically transform between day and night with theatrical lighting integrated into their design structure and externally supplemented by in-grade light fixtures.


Furthermore, the viewers walking around the Cougar form will experience an illusion of the animal moving while morphing into an abstract shape.

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