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Dumbo Child Mask &

Into the Woods Onesies

from the series "Junior Wear 2019"

Inspired by the beloved Disney children classic movie, the Junior Wear 2019: Dumbo Child Mask may soon become a necessary clothing article to hand out to children around the world. Air pollution is poisoning millions of people around the world every day. 

We have to face the inconvenient truths that our industries feeding our voracious consumerism habits have catastrophic impact on world’s climate. Holding tight to our feather-like willful blindness is a death sentence to our species. Our survival requires fundamental change of our ways NOW, so that our kids have a world they can live and breathe in once we are gone.


Artwork Materials: an assemblage of a vintage Chernobyl style model Child Mask, custom handmade leather ears and a chicken feather.


Junior Wear 2019: Into the Woods Onesies is a reminder that today around the world special interest are literally stoking fires in the jungles of the Amazon and in Africa. For power and profit they destroying the lungs of our planet, accelerating the climate change and gradually rendering the only home we have and know gradually un-hospitable, and soon un-inhabitable to human species. 


Artwork Materials: custom designed and printed fleece fabric and hand embroidery, driftwood.

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