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Jungle Book-Overalls & Booties

from the series "Junior Wear 2019"

First exhibited in September 2019 at the Art Share LA gallery in the Los Angeles Arts District, Junior Wear 2019: Jungle Book Overalls are inspired by animal characters featured in Jungle Book, a literary classic by Rudyard Kipling: Balloo (bear), Hathi (elephant) and King Louie - an orangutan added in the Disney movie version, and replaced by a baby chimp as the centerpiece of this work.


The real animals behind Kipling’s unforgettable characters and their lush jungle world are going rapidly extinct. For our children and grandchildren, even for many of us they will very soon be only a once-upon-a-time story characters. 


Artwork Materials: custom designed and printed fleece fabric and hand embroidery, driftwood.


Junior Wear 2019: Jungle Book Booties are inspired by Shere Khan (tiger) and Kaa (python) — both dangerous adversaries of Mowgli, a “Man-cub” protagonist of Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.


Presented as the ruthless predators in the Jungle Book story, tigers and snakes have long since become human prey. Their body parts are used for “medicinal purposes” and as hunting trophies. Their ecosystems are invaded and destroyed for agriculture, mining, and other human needs and interests, leading to very near extinction of tigers, and countless other species in their vanishing habitats.


Artwork Materials: custom tiger-pattern print on leather, real snake skin and a Little Golden Book.

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