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Los Angeles Zoo, LA, CA

Part of Elephant Parade

Permanent Art Installation

The Los Angeles ZOO commissioned several local artists to create an Elephant Parade celebrating their newly opened Asian Elephant Exhibit. The LA ZOO provided each of the artists with a life-size, white elephant fiberglass sculpture as their canvas, and with paint supplies of their choice. 

My concept for this installation is Elephant DreamQuest.

The elephant skin is my canvas which features animals from the different Earth's ecosystems placed all around its body, making him the messenger of the plight of Earth's wild life and wild places.


Marine and terrestrial, jungle and savannah's, tropical and arctic species are placed against fragmented backdrop of their native, rapidly shrinking habitats.


All of the animals coming along to the Elephant Parade, are on a DreamQuest to inspire us to protect and restore their rapidly vanishing animal and plant species, and their native ecosystems.

Mixed Media: Acrylic and oil paint on fiberglass

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